May Newsletter Tips & Tricks 2016

Gardening Tip: Spring is the best time to divide summer and late fall blooming perennials. Wait until after flowering or late August to divide spring-flowering perennials. 

Move your unwanted perennial seedlings. Coneflowers, Black-Eyed Susans, and other prolific seeders may provide more offspring then needed. Dig and share with friends or donate surplus plants to nearby schools and community beautification groups.

Be sure to get your cages around your Peonies now before they get larger. I prefer the ones with a grid to better support the many stems. They will grow nicely, up and through the cages and you won't have the dreaded droop caused from the weight of the full, gorgeous blossoms we love! 

GREAT Thoughts: Sales - the dreaded "S" word. Like it or not, we are all in sales. I often find that people refer to selling as "tough." I agree, it can be tough, until you change your perception about selling. In fact, you can change your viewpoint on "tough." 

Instead, think of selling as "T.U.F." You need to build Trust, allow people toUnderstand you (and what you are selling), and encourage your clients/customers to Follow you to the solutions that will allow them to accomplish their needs. Now, selling is TUF, but from a different perspective. Sell with Passion.

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Erick Therwanger, Think GREAT

Flower of the month: Lilacs are in bloom all across the city! What an incredible scent to be enjoyed outdoors and indoors. Go get yourself a bouquet of fragrant lilacs! Don't worry, these bushes like to be heavily pruned and cutting the blossoms will only increase the growth next year!

Early am is the best time to harvest any of our flowers from the gardens. Bring a bucket of cool water and a sharp clippers, cut off the blossoms and immediately place in your bucket. Once you have gathered enough bring inside to your sink and start to remove the foliage that would fall below the water level of your vase. Mix up some floral preservative with cold water and arrange one stem at a time, giving them a fresh cut to the length of your choice. Lilacs are best displayed in a looser design allowing them to drape as they wish. We sure to use plenty of them for a nice full look. These are thirsty flowers and the water level should be checked daily! Keep them out of sunlight to lengthen the vase life. ENJOY! 

Start harvesting your own flowers and greens. Many of you have Iris and tulips in bloom along with hosta leaves and other greens ready for enjoyment inside the house! 

Go out early in the morning with a bucket of cool water and sharp shears. The cool time of day before the plants are stressed from the heat is always the best time. 

Cut your tulips low on the stem and do not cut off many of the leaves as the bulb needs the leaves to continue to grow and noursh it for the next years blooming season.

Hosta leaves make a beautiful addition to any flowers in a vase and they are long lasting. They come in so many variations, I love using them! 

Mix up some floral preservative in cold water and cut flowers to length removing any greenery that falls below the water level. Keep out of the sun for longer vase life.

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You can't out exercise a poor diet.Recently, I ran into an old friend again and was amazed at her transformation. She was leaner, more chiseled and defined. She looked healthy and her body had definitely changed for the better.

I asked her what she had been doing over the years for her transformation and she told me something that I have always stated and believed in, "You can't out exercise a poor diet!" She stated about 6-8 months previously she stopped doing the over abundance of cardio that she had been doing. She started doing resistance training and weights and she most importantly dramatically reduced the carbs and processed foods and she added in more fat, clean protein and lots of veggies. She noticed an incredible change in her body by cutting out the carbs. She was shocked to finally realize that was her solution to her transformation. Exercise was a big part, but the food change was about 80% of it. (See the complete article at the link below.) 

Beth Schupanitz, Inspiring Health