April Newsletter Tips & Tricks 2016

Gardening Tip: Have you started a gardening journal yet? Whether it's digital or pen & paper it's never too late to start. Record plants used in your garden beds and pots along with pics of finished areas, from all sides. Note the lighting conditions and watering and fertilizing details. Jot down how well the plants performed and any changes needed for the next year.

Your gardening journal will be very useful from year-to-year for planning the changes needed for optimum beauty, performance, and ease of maintenance. Planning ahead to determine your plant material needs to fill beds and containers saves time and money when going to the greenhouse to make your purchase. It's easy to overspend and go home with more plants than you need and possibly the wrong ones for your space and lighting conditions.

GREAT Thoughts: Your mind is the greatest tool you possess for accomplishing your goals. But, too many people try to succeed without using the mind's true potential. The only limitations you have are the ones you believe. Success and failure are both the result of your belief level. So what is belief level? It is a combination of your passion and your perception.

Passion + Perception = Belief Level

Passion - desiring to achieve it. Perception - envisioning that you will achieve it. Belief Level - believing that you have already achieved it!

Believe in yourself and take the action needed for success!

Erik Therwanger, Think GREAT

Flower of the month: TULIPS are a sure sign of spring and soon our flowerbeds will be bursting with color. Tulips make a wonderful cut flower, an easy vase arrangement as they look fabulous massed together. Their graceful stems will lengthen and arch about toward the sunlight and warmth. Don't try to structure them too much, they will move. Keep these flowers cool as their blooms open rapidly in warm temperatures.

Tulips are imported year round and come in a variety of colors and types. From the frilly parrot tulip to the double tulip, and lily tulip, there are many fancy varieties to try. Enjoy our warmer temps with tulips, a sure sign of spring!

Keep your flowers fresh longer with a few easy steps. Be sure the water level is high at all times adding floral preservative as needed. Mix the flower food per the directions on the package and mix in separate container.

Give the stems a fresh cut every few days for maximum water intake. Remove spent blooms as some will wilt sooner than others.

Keep your arrangement cool and out of direct sun. Do not put your flowers in a refrigerator with fresh fruits and vegetables as these emit Ethylene gas that will harm the flowers and shorten their longevity.

You can put them in a cooler spot in the house or the garage overnight to lengthen vase life.

Prepare fresh healthy, delicious meals in less time. Cook once, eat twice (or more!) * Pick a cooking day. Instead of cooking every night, pick a day or two when you'll make the recipes for the week ahead. Sure, you'll spend a little more time in the kitchen on your cooking day(s), but you'll get an extra hour or two the other days (or evenings) of the week! I recommend you also prepare snacks and lunches on your cooking day. I cook on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons * Double or triple your recipes when cooking. When you prepare more than you need for one meal, you have plenty to pack for lunches and you'll find that dinnertime is fast and easy. Learn to love leftovers!

Beth Schupanitz, Inspiring Health